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AQP5 enriches for stem cells and cancer origins in the distal stomach

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A tumour-resident Lgr5+ stem-cell-like pool drives the establishment and progression of advanced gastric cancers

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Lgr5-expressing chief cells drive epithelial regeneration and cancer in the oxyntic stomach

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Lgr5(+ve) stem cells drive self-renewal in the stomach and build long-lived gastric units in vitro

Recent Publications

Primary articles 

  1. Lam MSY, Aw JJY, Tan D, Vijayakumar R, Lim HYG, Yada S, Pang QY, Barker N, Tang C, Ang BT, Sobota RM & Pavesi A. (Small, 2023). Unveiling the Influence of Tumor Microenvironment and Spatial Heterogeneity on Temozolomide Resistance in Glioblastoma Using an Advanced Human In Vitro Model of the Blood-Brain Barrier and Glioblastoma.

  2. Xue Y, Luis BS, Dress RJ, Murad KBA, Ginhoux F, Barker N & Lane DP. (PNAS, 2023). Proteasome inhibitor bortezomib stabilizes and activates p53 in hematopoietic stem/progenitors and double-negative T cells in vivo.

  3. Takahashi-Kanemitsu et al. (Science Signaling, 2023). The Helicobacter pylori CagA oncoprotein disrupts Wnt/PCP signaling and promotes hyperproliferation of pyloric gland base cells.

  4. Han L et al. (Nature, 2022). Cell transcriptomic atlas of the non-human primate Macaca fascicularis.

  5. Lim HYG, Yada S & Barker N. (STAR Protocols, 2022). Targeted ablation of Lgr5-expressing intestinal stem cells in diphtheria toxin receptor (DTR)-based mouse and organoid models.

  6. Fatehullah A, Terakado Y, Sagiraju S, Tan TC, Sheng T, Tan SM, Murakami K, Swathi Y, Ang NSS, Rajarethinam R, Ming T, Tan P, Lee B & Barker N. (Nature Cell Biology, 2021). A tumour-resident Lgr5+ stem-cell-like pool drives the establishment and progression of advanced gastric cancer.

  7. Tan SH, Phuah P, Tan LJ, Swathi Y, Goh J, Tomaz LB, Chua M, Wong E, Lee B & Barker N. (Cell Reports, 2021). A constant pool of Lgr5+ intestinal stem cells is required for intestinal homeostasis.

  8. Leung C, Murad KBA, Tan ALT, Swathi Y, Sagiraju S, Bode P & Barker N. (Cell Reports, 2020). LGR5 marks adult progenitor cells contributing to skeletal muscle regeneration and sarcoma formation.

  9. Tan SH, Swathi Y, Tan S, Goh J, Seishima R, Murakami K, Oshima M, Tsuji T, Phuah P, Tan LJ, Wong E, Fatehullah A, Tong SY, Ho SWT, Grabsch H, Srivastava S, Teh M, Denil S, Mustafah S, Tan P, Shabbir A, So J, Yeoh KG & Barker N. (Nature, 2020). AQP5 enriches for stem cells and cancer origins in the distal stomach.

  10. Seishima R, Leung C, Swathi Y, Murad KBA, Tan LJ, Hajamohideen A, Tan SH, Itoh H, Murakami K, Ishida Y, Nakamizo S, Yoshikawa Y, Wong E & Barker N. (Nature Communications, 2019). Neonatal Wnt-dependent Lgr5 positive stem cells are essential for uterine gland development.

Selected reviews

  1. Wang Y, Narasimamurthy R, Qu M, Shi N, Guo H, Xue Y & Barker N. (Nature Cancer, 2024). Circadian regulation of cancer stem cells and the tumor microenvironment during metastasis.

  2. Aiderus A, Barker N & Tergaonkar V. (Trends in Cancer, 2023). Serrated colorectal cancer: preclinical models and molecular pathways.

  3. Alvina FB, Chen TC-Y, Lim HYG & Barker N. (Development, 2023) Gastric epithelial stem cells in development, homeostasis and regeneration

  4. Lim HYG & Barker N. (Gastroenterology, 2023). Sox9, A Key Regulator of Gastric Stem Cell Behavior Driving Cancer Initiation.

  5. Gasnier M, Lim HYG & Barker N. (Current Topics in Developmental Biology, 2023). Role of Wnt signaling in the maintenance and regeneration of the intestinal epithelium.

  6. Lim HYG, Kostic L & Barker N. (Advances in Stem Cells and their Niches, 2022). Organoid systems for recapitulating the intestinal stem cell niche and modeling disease in vitro.

  7. Lim HYG & Barker N. (Nature Cancer, 2021). A key malignant switch in skin SCC.

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