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Japanese Cancer Association (JCA) 

International Award

Congratulations to Nick as he receives this award for his excellent scientific achievement and contributions in stem cell and cancer research in Japan!

Highly Cited Researcher 2021

Congratulations to Nick for being recognized for his highly influential work, where his papers are amongst the top 1% highly cited papers!

Young Scientist Award 2020

Congratulations to Si Hui for receiving the YSA! YSA recognizes the accomplishments of researchers under 35, who have shown strong potential to be world-class experts in their chosen fields.

EMBO Associate Member 2022

On July 2022, Nick has been elected as an EMBO Associate Member for his outstanding achievements in the life sciences. He is the only Singapore-based member elected this year.

Publication in

Cell Reports

Congratulations to Carly and team! Their work was recently published in Cell Reports, titled "Lgr5 Marks Adult Progenitor Cells Contributing to Skeletal Muscle Regeneration and Sarcoma Formation".

Highly Cited Researcher 2020

Congratulations to Nick for being recognized once again as a highly cited researcher, which further emphasizes the great influence his work has on the scientific community.

Highly Cited Researcher 2022

NIck is listed for the fourth year in a row as a highly cited researcher. His papers rank in the top 1% by citations for a field or fields and publication year in the Web of Science™.

Publication in

Cell Reports

Congratulations to Si Hui and her team for their recent publication in Cell Reports, titled "A constant pool of Lgr5+ intestinal stem cells is required for intestinal homeostasis".

Publication in Nature Communications

Congratulations to Ryo and his team for their publication in Nature Comms, titled "Neonatal Wnt-dependent Lgr5 positive stem cells are essential for uterine gland development". 

Publication in

Nature Cell Biology

Congratulations to Aliya and her team for their publication in Nature Cell Biology, titled "A tumour-resident Lgr5+ stem-cell-like pool drives the establishment and progression of advanced gastric cancers". 

Publication in


Si Hui and her team published an exciting finding in Nature, titled "AQP5 enriches for stem cells and cancer origins in the distal stomach". Congratulations!

Highly Cited Researcher 2019

Congratulations to Nick for being listed as a highly cited researcher of 2019! Clarivate's annual list of Highly Cited Researchers™ identifies exceptional scientists who have demonstrated significant influence in their field over the past decade, evidenced by their multiple highly-cited papers.

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